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2012-11-18 03:22:41 by potatoa

I made a sword test.And i didn't finish it.But also enjoy it!waha

Now i have to go to school....

2012-09-02 06:06:47 by potatoa

Damn it....


2012-08-13 23:04:14 by potatoa

I make the gun smaller,and i think it's

a test

2012-08-11 07:53:48 by potatoa

you konw,i'm not good at English,because i'm chinese,so...just watch it.
And,sprites by Fallenfire,liuzirui1122,and Krinkels.

A new test

2012-08-11 01:31:13 by potatoa

So, watch it. And, i have to thank liuzirui1122,he helps me a lot.Thank you so much.

I made a test!

2012-07-02 05:34:36 by potatoa

Just watch it! Thanks for watching,and please give me some suggestions.


2012-06-30 05:38:27 by potatoa

watchthe test.

i made a test

2012-06-22 03:06:48 by potatoa

it's bad,i think.and give me some suggestions, it.


2012-06-10 00:58:42 by potatoa

i made a test..and i know it's not very good.and ,please give me some it.thank you very much.

About my flash...

2012-04-03 22:14:33 by potatoa

i don't want to make it again!i want to play minecraft!